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SECR - the UK government introduced in 2019 which runs parallel with ESOS called Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting to replace the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).  In a nutshell SECR requires organisations to report energy and carbon emissions in their annual report.

SECR will apply to all quoted companies (listed on the stock exchange) and large UK companies with over 250 employees or annual turnover of more than £36m or an annual balance sheet of over £18m.


Where CRC applied to around 4,000 businesses SECR will likely apply to almost 12,900 companies across the UK, increasing awareness further through the need to gather energy data.

It will mean greater focus will need to be applied to energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The SECR guidelines state that businesses must comment on any energy efficiency projects and provide a narrative description of the principal measures taken to increase energy efficiency during the reporting period.

This means that in principle an organisation’s actions in the area of energy efficiency implementation may become public and therefore must be meaningful, informative and appropriate to the size and level of energy use.

The legislation aligns the organisation with an Energy Consultant or Energy Manager and their accountants.

The Gov't believes that making organisations report their energy consumption in a public way will help them drive down the carbon emissions in the UK.

SECR need not be overly complicated or burdensome - on average this costs around £1,800 which is 3 days of my very valuable time - if you would like to speak to a professional, independent Energy Consultant - I am always to happy to discuss SECR with new clients.  Contact me.

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting - SECR

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