ESOS = Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Stewart is an ESOS Lead Assessor


Most of you coming to this page will know about ESOS so I will not over-stress the details.

ESOS applies to UK companies / organisations with >250 employees and/or turnover >£43M/year. 

If that describes your business – you are eligible.


We have now completed 2-phase and the next phase is underway although for most eligible organisations the nitty gritty of Phase 3 won't begin until 2022-23.

There is much hype about ESOS – with “panic-mongering” fairly common.  In my opinion - and it is just that - there is no requirement to panic unless you are non-compliant and you are the recipient of a Compliance Enforcement.

Even then you do not need to panic - just contact me.

I took 19 organisations through Phase 1 and 23 organisations through Phase 2 including 1 within the Irish scheme -  EAS - for which I am also fully accredited.

Importantly none of my compliance submissions have failed audit or required remedial action.

ESOS requires eligible organisations to undertake 3 key steps to achieve compliance in each phase:

  • measure their total energy consumption.

  • conduct audits to identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities.

  • report compliance to the scheme administrator.


Organisations can achieve exemption through certification to ISO 50001 but despite my having qualified as an ISO50001 Lead Auditor I am not finding much appetite for this approach at the moment because achieving certification just gets harder and harder – primarily due to the need for "continuous improvement" which can be prohibitively expensive.

If you have been through Phases 1 and/or 2 you'll know that you should already be collecting robust energy data which must include Transport energy.  If any of this affects you and you feel the need to discuss ESOS with an impartial professional - I am always happy to talk to prospective new clients.

You should know that as a one-man operation my fees are generally regarded as very reasonable.

Contact me with any enquiries

Eligibility criteria for ESOS