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Typical Commercial EPC

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates - EPCs

I am accredited as a Non-Domestic Energy Assessor providing EPCs for commercial (non-domestic) buildings including retail units, offices, industrial units, leisure, hospitality and public buildings.  


I am accredited to Level 4 which covers most commercial properties.

My accreditation body is ECMK – very nice they are too – highly recommended - I am ECMK301091.

EPCs display energy consumption of your building on a scale from A to G (A being the best).  

An EPC is valid for 10 years.  If you think you need an EPC contact me.



From 4th Jan. 2009 it became a legal requirement to provide an EPC in Scotland for buildings that are for sale or for lease / to let and the owner must make a copy of the EPC available - free of charge  - to a buyer or tenant.


The EPC incorporates three basic sections:

  • the main certificate with the distinctive EU energy graph

  • an energy label

  • output documents including recommendations for improvement


You should know that during an EPC survey your building is thoroughly inspected to measure (and photograph) all envelopes (floor, walls, ceiling, roof, glazing, doors) and I determine U-value of each element.

The age of the building is very important in this respect.


A digital “map” of the building is generated, identifying and quantifying various services – heating, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, hot water – and controls.

Usually I create a scale drawing of the property with all elements annotated because I could be audited by ECMK at any time so I make sure my files are complete and robust.  

I take many photographs during my survey and these go in my evidence pack.

EPCs are stored on a central register operated by the Energy Saving Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government.  

You can search for individual EPCs by report reference number (RRN) obtained by looking at the top of the EPC.   


Any building over 1000sqm with an F or G rating requires an “Action Plan” to be prepared prior to any new lease being signed - this is part of the Section 63 Regulations and you can find out more about that here.

Typical Commercial EPC
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