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Bielsa For PM

Marcello Bielsa will go down in Leeds United history as something of a legend - of that I have no doubt. We are playing some great football - and more often than not some very naive football - shipping a bunch of goals but in the words of many a pundit we are "a breath of fresh air". What I particularly enjoy is the complete lack of respect for whomsoever we are playing - the plan is the same - press and attack. Diego Llorente showing the signs that he might replace ben White which is great. Raphina is just awesome and I love watching him. But to be fair the regular starting 11-14 players have all been stand-outs and it seems kinda unfair to highlight any of them - they are all my heroes. It's often hard to watch the team lose when they deserve more from a game but I am convinced we will survive and be mid-table at the end of the season which is frankly brilliant - MOT. Best wishes to Peter Lorimers family - fingers crossed.

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