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Project management - what is it and why do you need me to do it?

Well sometimes I come up with ideas and proposals for changes to buildings - it might be new space heating, new LED lighting, incorporation of renewable technology, even basic stuff like energy awareness for staff - and my clients do not have time or knowledge to put my ideas into action - and they come back to me and say "Stewart - will you please implement these fantastic proposals for us and we will pay you handsomely for your time as it is very valuable" - well that's what I hear anyway.

And so when necessary I provide a "turn-key" service, procuring the systems and services needed to put my recommendations into action.  There are several benefits for clients in taking on this service:

  • they can get on with their day jobs and let me take care of the energy efficiency projects;

  • they can take advantage of the wide-ranging contacts I have made over the 30+ years I have been doing this to get hold of products and services that would otherwise take them a lot of time and effort to source;

  • I am not a supplier - I am a Consultant - and therefore any trade discounts given to me by suppliers are passed directly to the clients saving them money - often a considerable amount of money - by way of an example I am currently supplying radiant heaters for a Church in the Scottish Highlands and have managed to secure the systems at 25% less than the client had been quoted by their local electrical wholesalers and contractors.  

  • the main benefit however is "accountability" - I am putting my name - and indeed money - where my mouth is and clients gain a sense of confidence that I am not simply telling them what to do and then walking away but rather guiding them from start to finish down the road to lower costs and reduced carbon emissions.

If I can help you Save Energy, Save Money and Cut Carbon feel free to get in touch

T:  07774 746616


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